A Hundred Seagulls Shatter China’s Sky Blockage: Two Decades in the Making: the Miraculous Journey of a radio company (Part 3)

Attorney and human rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng speaks at a rally to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, on the West Lawn the Capitol on June 4, 2019. (Samira Bouaou/The Epoch Times)

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Chen Guangcheng, a prominent human rights lawyer who went into exile from China in 2012 and now lives in Washington, D.C., recalls his experience with SOH’s shortwave radio network in China. He said, "Back when I was in prison in Shandong Province, every night after I went to bed, I would pull out a shortwave radio hidden in a soymilk box to listen to the real news from the outside world.” After Chen was released from prison, he went under house arrest. His only contact to the outside was the shortwave radio. Chen said that SOH was what he listened to the most and it had the clearest signal.

In 2007, renowned human rights lawyer, Gao Zhisheng launched the "Yellow Ribbon Campaign for Human Rights” prior to the Beijing Olympic Games. On his 1,100km drive from Beijing to Shaanxi, Gao learned that many people listened to SOH. Gao estimated that “at least 20 million people were listening to SOH.”

When Cheng Xiang, the former chief editor of Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, was in Dalian, he was very surprised to find that the SOH signal could be heard clearly there.

In fact, this kind of coverage is exactly the power of the seagull network. Usually, the state level large power shortwave stations cost hundreds of million dollars each year. With over 100 seagull stations, the network covers 60% of China's land and 80% of its population at a fraction of the cost.

Today in China, if you have a shortwave radio and if you scan all the frequencies, it’s very likely that you find multiple SOH stations. This is how the seagull network is breaking through the iron curtain.

Of course, people are used to using cell phones, computers, and the Internet now. But if the CCP wants to do evil, it is fully capable of turning off the Internet beforehand and turn it back on after it covers up its crimes. In 2009 in Xinjiang, after the "July 5" incident, the CCP shutdown the Internet in Xinjiang for 312 days to “maintain stability.” During such times, the sound of seagull radio is what the people need.

"In fact, it is a strategic necessity to maintain a shortwave broadcasting network around the world's largest authoritarian regime. Especially when the CCP cuts off communication, shortwave radio is vital for the outside world to communicate with the Chinese people. This is a strategic necessity should have been fulfilled by the powerful governments of Western countries, but instead it is being done by us, a small private radio station." said Allen Zeng, president of SOH. "We are able to do this because we care about China, and we have found many like-minded people. We persevere with one goal in mind - to bring hope to the people in China. Finally, we achieved the impossible.”

Zeng added, "shortwave and Internet firewall circumventing software are highly complementary. When the firewall circumventing software is blocked, shortwave radio can provide information on how to download new version of software. If the software reminds every Chinese family to keep a shortwave radio, a mutually reinforcing loop can be formed to provide an ever-expanding pipeline for people to access uncensored information. Under special circumstances, such as crackdowns and lockdowns, people will still have access to real news. The seagull radio network is a very important part of this loop."

This year marks the 20th year since the beginning of SOH shortwave broadcasting. It has been a very difficult period, but SOH has succeeded in building the world's largest shortwave broadcasting network. SOH managed to accomplish what was impossible during the Cold War. We are now determined that SOH will continue to broadcast to China until the day when the CCP falls, and freedom comes to China. However, this powerful shortwave broadcasting network, which exceeds all current national radio stations, requires funding to maintain.

Zeng said, "This is the first time we told the story of seagull radio network publicly. Because in the waning days of the CCP, people are facing an unprecedented information blockade. The CCP is not only the world's largest authoritarian regime that enslaves more than a billion Chinese people, but also responsible for destroying Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the world. It is our mission to end the CCP and help China regain its freedom. At this special moment in history, we invite all like-minded people at home and abroad to join us in sponsoring the operation and growth of the seagull radio network.”

SOH has recently made a six-minute video on the story of seagull network, giving viewers a glimpse into the past and present life of seagull network. The video calls on the public to "donate $20 to give the whole of China five minutes of truth!” (Video link: https://freedomforchina.org)

“We welcome any amount of donations, no matter how small. We also welcome contributions from enterprises. Because this is something that we can accomplish together." said Zeng.

SOH will record all individuals or enterprises who donate more than US$10,000 in the “seagull radio network donors list,” and publish such list after the fall of the CCP.

Zang said, “We invite you to walk with Sound of Hope to witness the fall of the "Berlin Wall of China. We hope that after the collapse of the CCP, we can all proudly announce to the world as Polish President Walesa did in his speech at the U.S. Congress: The seagull radio network is to China what the sun is to the earth, and we are the ones who built and supported the seagull network!"

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